About Us

About Us

Shree Kuber Regency,

Shree Kuber Regency offers you a warm and homely stay in the sacred town of Badrinath. Located just a few minutes away from the majestic Badrinath temple 🕉️ , our hotel is a perfect choice for pilgrims and travelers who want to experience the spiritual and natural beauty of this place.

Shree Kuber Regency is named after Lord Kuber, the god of wealth and prosperity, who is believed to reside in Badrikashram (Badrinath) along with Lord Vishnu. We aim to provide you with a wealth of comfort, convenience, and hospitality during your stay with us. Our hotel has spacious and well-furnished rooms with all modern amenities such as TV, geyser, Wi-Fi, etc. We also have a multi-cuisine restaurant that serves delicious food made with fresh and local ingredients. Our staff is friendly and helpful and always ready to assist you with any queries or requests.

Our hotel is also close to many other attractions such as Tapt Kund 🔥 , Mana village 🏘️ , Vasudhara falls 💦 , etc. that you can explore during your stay. If you are looking for a comfortable and affordable stay in Badrinath, look no further than Shree Kuber Regency. We promise to make your visit memorable and enjoyable. Book your room today and experience the hospitality of Shree Kuber Regency.

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